At the heart of everything we do to make our school such a success is the community and the people who work to make this: children, staff, parents and governors.

We have a wonderful team of staff, who are committed to the vision, success and progress of the school and have different specialisms to ensure the best possible service for our children, parents and local community.  We are very fortunate to have a highly qualified, experienced and talented staff able to deliver all aspects of the primary curriculum.  A detailed list of staff members will appear on this page soon.

All of our teaching assistants receive a high level of ongoing training and support and work as part of a team.

Pupils, parents and staff come together via regular parent consultations and they continue to make a significant contribution to our ongoing development. Staff, parents, governors and pupils are rightly proud of our achievements.

Our staff are committed to developing the whole child through a variety of teaching and learning opportunities and clearly defined boundaries of acceptable behaviour, encouraging each child to aspire to achieve his or her full potential and beyond.


To find out more about our school, to receive our prospectus and to arrange a time to visit the school please contact the school office.


Senior Leadership Team

Mr N Frankland - Headteacher

Mr G Adlington - Deputy Headteacher 

Miss S Dawson - Assistant Headteacher  

Mrs L Newell - Assistant Headteacher 

Mrs S Rutkowski - School Business Manager

Foundation Stage 1

Miss S Dawson- Class Teacher

Mrs R Green- Class Teacher

Mrs J Anderson - Teaching Assistant

Mrs L Didcote - Teaching Assistant

Miss S Thompson - Teaching Assistant

Foundation Stage 2

Miss S Betts - Class Teacher

Miss M Lane - Class Teacher

Miss B Trueman - Teaching Assistant

Ms R Kay - Teaching Assistant

Mrs M Windle - Teaching Assistant

Year 1

Mrs J Baker - Class Teacher

Miss S Burgess- Class Teacher

Miss R Brown - Teaching Assistant

Mrs K Wilcock - Teaching Assistant

Year 2

Mrs J Brennan - Class Teacher

Mrs L Cassidy - Class Teacher

Mrs L Newell - Class Teacher

Ms R Turner- Class Teacher

Mrs R Hutt- Teaching Assistant

Miss D Kirk - Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Neilson - Teaching Assistant


Year 3

Miss E Burdett- Class Teacher

Mr P Hughes - Class Teacher

Mrs V Shutt - Class Teacher

Mrs B Hoyle- Teaching Assistant

Miss S Thompson- Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Wild- Teaching Assistant

Year 4

Miss M Dearnley - Class Teacher

Mr C Marshall - Class Teacher

Miss L Bumby - Teaching Assistant

Mrs L Oldfield- Teaching Assistant

Year 5

Miss B Frost- Class Teacher

Miss B Bowyer- Class Teacher

Mrs M Weatherstone - Teaching Assistant

Year 6

Mrs R Martin- Class Teacher

Miss O Roney - Class Teacher

Mrs A Ellis - Teaching Assistant

Mrs H Jackson- Teaching Assistant


Miss S Dawson - SENDCO

Mrs L Cassidy- Inclusion and Behaviour 

Mrs N Ainsworth - PPA Cover Teacher

Mrs A Cook- PPA cover Teacher/Extended Schools

Mrs J Thomas- PPA Cover Teacher

Mrs K Farrington - Intervention Teaching Assistant(S&L)

Mr K Wakefield- PPA Cover Teacher

Mrs J Lack-Mckay- PPA Cover Teacher

Pastoral Team

Mrs B Brookefield- Pastoral

Mrs J Dennison - HLTA

Admin Team

Mr D Campbell - Finance Officer

Mrs L Hinchliffe - Administration & Finance Officer

Mrs K Taylor - Administration Assistant

Mrs J Watford - Pupil Clerk

Lunchtime Supervisory Team

Mrs D Thomas - Team Leader

Mrs B Colley

Miss C Drinnan

Miss B Dwyer

Miss K Dwyer

Mrs J Hall

Miss K Houghton

Miss A Jackson

Ms S Jarman

Mrs L Kinlock

Mrs L Lomas

Mrs J Pashley

Miss R Smith

Miss N Symes

Mrs J Tomkins

Catering Team

Mrs C Loukes- Cook Supervisor

Mrs M Westwood- Assistant Cook

Miss G Platts- Catering Assistant

Miss S Watts- Catering Assistant 

Swimming & Water Skills

Mrs J Evison - Swimming Teacher

Miss C Drinnan- Support Staff

Miss A Jackson- Support Staff

Mrs J Pashley- Support Staff

Premises Team

 - Building Supervisor

Mrs B Colley- Cleaning Supervisor

Miss K Dwyer- Cleaning Supervisor

Ms L Kinlock- Cleaning Supervisor

Mrs J Pashley - Cleaning Supervisor

Miss R Smith - Cleaning Supervisor

Miss N Symes - Cleaning Supervisor