Year Two

The Brunswick Project’ aims to make the school ethos at the centre of daily learning, the following should run through every aspect of daily life, but also be at the forefront of our broad and balanced curriculum.

The Brunswick Project

The Brunswick Project aims to pull together lots of elements that are both statutory and non-statutory in an attempt to streamline coverage of subjects and make pertinent links. This year has been a challenging one for our society as a whole, with global and national events dominating headlines that our children are exposed to. Here at Brunswick we have decided to respond with a current and reactionary PSHE curriculum that aims to prepare our children to become responsible citizens who know their place in society.

In recent years the end of key stage results have shown a drop in precision answers that are essential to achieving the expected standard; inference, deduction and reasoning skills are more important than ever before. By introducing a daily conversation topic and weekly debate, we intend to raise standards in speaking and listening and therefore add to the vocabulary and skills required of our pupils within the national curriculum.

By linking the subject and initiatives of: PSHE, Citizenship, Healthy Schools, RSE, E-safety and British values and weaving them into daily practise and celebrating them in our school ethos.

The Brunswick Project will also allow us to weave elements of our school vision explicitly into the curriculum across the school. Namely, the two key elements covered are ‘We will nurture and prepare children for life as healthy and responsible citizens’ and ‘We will create a culture of open and respectful communication for all’.

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